Terms & conditions

Terms of use “ATTAPRINT1” is an internet (web) website that operated on a distance contract.
Before you start using the ATTAPRINT1.lv website, please read the terms of use of the website carefully.

General terms

  1. The user voluntarily agrees to provide information about himself / herself necessary for the purchase and delivery of the goods. The user is responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided.
  2. The user agrees that notifications will be sent to him. The security of personal data will be protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The data will be retained and used to complete the purchase of goods by improving the quality of services provided, including marketing campaigns.
  3. The user is responsible for entering the correct data.
  4. The seller has the right to use cookies (cookies technology). Cookies are files that store information on your computer's hard drive or browser, and can determine if you have visited a website before. The company uses cookies to provide you with the best possible site browsing. The company does not use cookies or other tracking technologies to collect information from your computer or to place information on your computer or other device through which you visit the site, or to track your online activity while not on the company site.
  5. The goods may be waived in the cases provided by law if the customer can produce a proof of purchase (check, bill of lading or receipt). Consumer Rights Protection Law Article 12. 5 points. Money return to the bank account (from which the payment was received or the account indicated on the withdrawal page) takes place within 14 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal.
  6. The right of the consumer to use the purchased item during the exercise of the right of withdrawal - the right to inspect and use the product in order to ascertain its nature and nature (the consumer is responsible for the depreciation of the good or its use contrary to good faith). The use of the product to ascertain and test its properties and type should be carried out to the extent that it could be done in the store.
  7. If the Buyer has indicated in the Order that he wants the Goods to be delivered by courier, the Goods will be delivered to the address indicated in the Order. The Buyer cannot change the delivery address of the goods after the Order is approved.
  8. Registration is for partners. Order processing is available to the Buyer without registration at the site.
  9. Copying published textual information and graphic images from "ATTAPRINT1.lv" is prohibited.
  10. Disputes between the seller and the buyer shall be resolved by negotiation, if this is not possible, then they shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable law of the Republic of Latvia.
    Goods are delivered only in the territory of Latvia.
  11. In the online shop ATTAPRINT1.LV it is possible to pay by bank transfer, online banking payment, by paying with a bank card, cash at the receipt of the goods at the courier.
  12. When you start creating an order, please read more about the terms of delivery and payment: https://attaprint1.lv/payment-and-delivery
  13. The Customer is deemed to have read and agree to the Terms of Use of the Site in the course of performing the Order.
  14. The prices of the goods in the online store are indicated in the Euro with the amount of VAT specified in Latvian legislation included in the price.


  1. The warranty is a free promise by the manufacturer or seller to refund to the consumer the amount of money paid for the goods or things, to exchange the goods for the corresponding good, to eliminate the non-conformity of the goods or things without charge or to perform other activities if the product or thing does not conform to the description given in the guarantee or advertisement.
  2. The warranty and the right of withdrawal shall be exercised in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Latvia, as well as the type and specific characteristics of the goods sold.
  3. Use of warranty rights is possible if the Buyer has retained a proof of purchase, which must be submitted to the Seller together with the purchased item.
  4. The Buyer shall notify the Seller of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by completing a withdrawal form available on the Internet at the following address: http://likumi.lv/ta/id/266462-noteikumi-par-distances-ligumu.
  5. The Customer shall send the completed form to the Seller by e-mail at epasts Upon receipt of the completed withdrawal form, the Seller shall notify the Buyer that it has received the refusal, as well as the decision taken or the time of the decision.
  6. Pursuant to the provisions of the Republic of Latvia Legislation on Distance Contract No. 5.11. if the item cannot be returned by post due to its nature, the consumer shall bear the costs of returning the goods.
  7. The Consumer shall be obliged to return the Goods to the Seller without delay, but not later than within 14 days after sending (returning) the withdrawal form to the Seller.
  8. The Buyer will receive the money paid for the returned item in full in 14 (fourteen) days on the specified bank account, upon receipt of the written refusal.
  9. The seller or service provider is entitled to withhold the refund of the money paid by the consumer under the purchase agreement until the seller or service provider has received the goods or the consumer has provided the seller or service provider with a confirmation that the item has been returned, depending on which activity done earlier. This right does not apply when the seller or the service provider has offered to take the item back.
  10. The consumer shall bear the direct costs of returning the goods, except where the seller or service provider has agreed to bear these costs or has not informed the consumer that the costs should be borne by the consumer.
  11. General Terms of Consumer Rights and Obligations: http://www.likumi.lv/doc.php?mode=DOC&id=23309